7 Week Body Transformation with Daniel Grant

Shapetrainer Daniel Grant

We’re here today talking to Daniel Grant of Shapetrainer.co.uk, about the release of his new book which is a 7 week body transformation guide. Daniel has been personal training for the past 13 years. He is a bio signature practitioner, Chek practitioner, Chek Lifestyle Coach and a Reiki Master.

GymBuzz: Hi Daniel, how are you?

Daniel Grant: Very well thank you.

GB:     Good, have I missed anything out on that list of credentials?

DG:     No, but over the years there are one or two other things that could be added, but for the main crux of what I do at the moment, it sounds perfect.

GB:    I think when you’ve been going for as long as you have, a little bit like myself, you become less associated with your qualifications and actually more associated with what you do. This, obviously is what we are talking about today is the book and the body transformations. So, you’re going to take different bits from each of your different qualifications and disciplines that you’re experienced in and then put them into this programme and the result that you are offering.

DG:     Yes, it’s exactly that. It’s a journey that you need to go on yourself, and you’re add many strings to your bow and when you get to 10 years or more down the line, you realise you are still doing the things that work, and you drop the things that don’t work. That is what makes you the expert, and allows you to have a good client base, because people can save so much time by not going through that journey themselves. So, you can just be coached and taught and taken through the exact things that work very quickly. And that’s the idea of just 7 weeks of body transformation.

GB:    Does the book have a title? I’ve described it as a 7 week body transformation guide, but does it have a title?

DG:    That is the exact title. I wanted the title to actually explain exactly what the book is about, and it is a 7 week body transformation guide.

GB:    Fantastic. So, it’s a guide and who is it written for?

DG:    Essentially, my niche is 20 to 40 year old, high flying, driven entrepreneurs.

GB:    OK, that’s very specific.

DG:    Yes, and what I’ve found is that along the way when you’re reading the book and you can look at the accompanying course, or I should say the course that runs alongside the book. And, they are getting just fantastic results if they just happen to be that niche. It can work for anyone, but that’s the niche that I work with mostly.

GB:    Before we get into the specifics about the programme and a little bit about it, without giving away too much, let’s try and get people a bit excited. Since it’s based on the course that you just mentioned, what are some of the success stories you’ve already had, with people who have already been through the programme?

DG:    We’ve just transformed the 50th person and we’re currently running a course of 14. Everybody that has gone through and completed the course has had fantastic transformations. The biggest transformation that we’ve had was a guy that followed everything perfectly, he did exactly as he was advised, he literally was told to do something and went and did it – he lost 5.4% body fat. That equates to approximately 5.6 kilograms and for a guy he lost 6.3 cms off his waistline.

GB:    That’s incredible. They are the perfect clients aren’t they? The people that literally do what you ask of them and follow instructions to the letter?

DG:    Are there perfect clients, yes and no. The perfect client for me is taking someone from wherever they are, and at the end of the course, they say – you’ve changed my life. And, we are getting that a lot at the moment, which is just perfect. When they say that to you there’s nothing better, and that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

While we are talking about the biggest transformations or the greatest successes, we had a lady who lost 12.3 cms from her waistline. She had a baby seven months prior to the course, and was struggling to lose body fat after the birth. This was a major transformation.

GB:    That is amazing. So, now we know what’s possible, can you give us an overview of the course as a whole, almost like a contents page?

DG:    Sure. Well, the book is a tool which guides you through the body transformation process and the course is seven weeks of online coaching in the same format as the book. Coaching is delivered by email and social media to bring about a body transformation. You are given documents to follow including workouts, we cover lifestyle coaching, there is a ShapeTrainer fat loss eating system that I have devised and that is incorporated within the course and you will be coached through that and how to implement that into your life. You will be given specific food choice lists and appropriate supplementation.

We start with training. You are provided with your set of training programmes for the first week, and you focus on one thing at a time, each week. So, it’s not an overload situation, you don’t get the whole course in one hit. The idea is to slowly build up to your understanding of how to create change in your body, how to create better health, over a period of time, it’s not just an overload avalanche of information.

So it’s delivered week by week. It slowly builds up and you are coached through each week, so you really have a good grasp. At the end of that week, you are then ready to apply another little step of the transformation. So, you are given those documents to follow, and then you train on your own or you have an option to train with one of the personal trainers.

The book you obviously follow on your own and you are advised in the book to apply and read each week, and then build it up over the seven weeks. It will take you through the transformation if you follow it perfectly. The course is of a similar pattern, but you’ll have a little bit more interaction with coaches who will be on hand 24/7 through email or social media, and you’ll receive regular motivation teaching tips along the way. The other element about the course in its current system is that they will start on a certain day in the month that people come on to the course and we will create a community of people that are looking for the same thing.

So, in effect a support group and it creates a community of health seeking people. What we’ve found is that people share a lot. What they will share is their ups and downs which we will do week to week in their normal lives, and when you are going through something more intense like a transformation like this, and the way you are behaving or starting to look differently at people in your life. Some people can have reactions to that and the group will create a support system to share what’s happening. They can tell others that certain things were happening to them a week or so ago, and it really is all about sharing their experiences.

And, there is always a coach or some higher level expert involved and on hand. Lastly, there is a supplement element to the programme which is highly recommended to speed up your progress and success rate. I think I’ve covered pretty much everything there.

GB:    Well, that all sounds pretty complete. It’s very holistic in the complete sense, it’s not just the content that people will be getting but the support and the accountability that they will be getting from the coach and the community. It sounds very concise.

DG:    As you mentioned my training is both heavily Charles Poliquin and 3 or 4 years ago, heavily Paul Chek, and I definitely have a lot of respect for both of those guys who created amazing structures of business and training for themselves. So, yes it has a holistic element to it and also has what needs to be done to get the results. There is a very strict element to it as well. The general overview is that you need to train 4 times a week, a small workout that you will be provided with.

GB:    That’s not over the top. That’s quite normal, and I like the sound of that. You would think with a 7 week body transformation, that it’s one of the retreats that are 2 or 3 weeks long, and they have people doing something 7 days a week. And, is that then sustainable and maintainable going back into your everyday life? 4 days a week is cool. So, what you’re offering is a long term solution, something that is going to be sustainable for the rest of their lives, once they have learnt the initial basics. Is that correct?

DG:    Yes, that’s correct. Once we’ve gathered up all the testimonials that we have had so far, what you will see is that people said – as I mentioned before – that we have changed their lives. People are saying that because they have been taught to eat well, and why that contributes to a better health, a better physique and once they’ve been taken through that, they learn that is good, you can’t unlearn that. So, that when they come away from doing the specific things that they have been taught, they realise what they need to do to get back on track. Their life has changed in that they know how to generate better health, better fitness and what’s also known as productivity and their level of concentration also increases.

So whenever of those dip, they revert back specifically to what they’ve learnt on the course. They can then realise that is what I’m doing differently, reapply the elements that they have learnt and start to get better results again.

GB:    You know life sometimes gets us all doesn’t it? Even to us professionals, some weeks you might fall off track a little bit, but its about knowing what you have to do to get yourself back on the wagon – so to speak. I’d like to put you on the spot with a couple of questions if I may.

I don’t know if there is a correct answer to this one, but being in the industry for so long.

What is your definition of eating well? You don’t have to tell me too much if you don’t want to give away too much information from the book. We all hear hi- carb, hi-protein, lo-fat or a combination of all of them. What’s your opinion?

DG:    What I’ve found works, is that I run alongside the higher-protein, low-carbohydrate, moderate to high fat diet. In my experience, that’s what is good for long term health. There is another programme coming in soon from ShapeTrainer which is a 12 week supplementation programme, and that’s related to blood work. You get specific readings of where your vitamin and mineral levels are.

We can then determine what the diet, and what your supplementation programme is and how they affect and alter your blood levels.

GB:    So, it will probably be quite specific and individualised at that point?

DG:    Yes. The reason why I went down that route was because this diet being taught through the course, and which I teach all my clients brings about greater health, and increases their nutrient levels in their blood and I’ll be able to prove that aswell soon, through a lot of blood work that I’m doing with the clients that I have coming to me at the moment.

GB:    So, its not just the body transformation and not just about the aesthetics, but it’s the way that you feel also, and your general health?

DG:    Well to be honest, and as you mentioned before, I’m very holistic - there is also the mental, physical, emotional and an energy, spiritual side to us. However you want to think about it, this is all a part of us, and the better we manage these elements of our lives, the more fuelled each of those areas will be. And, when they are more fuelled, when you feel you have fuel to burn, you reach more your potential.

GB:    I completely agree.

DG:    Yes, I know that you think and function along the same lines. So, it’s a little bit deep and the crux of it is that the course and the book are put out as a transformation of the body, which it is. You’ll get so much more from it than just transforming the body.

You will see the testimonials again where people say that it has transformed their minds. A few people now have had promotions at work, they are earning more money, and their relationships have increased dramatically. They have more friends, they are going on more holidays, and they have more confidence. Everything about them has increased, not just a physical transformation, it’s actually a life transformation.

GB:    I see on your website that you have what’s called the Lens system, which I presume is Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition and Supplementation. Is that included in the book or is this something you do with your clients more than anything?

DG:    I’ve not separated what I do. Everything I do is in the book, and how you can best deliver it in a book. And then regarding the course, you obviously get a little bit more. Because when you read the book, you take in the information and you can learn so much, but with the course, you can ask questions and clarify things and when you have a consultation about something, you then realise you can answer another five questions from the opening question. So, to confirm everything is in the book and everything is in the course, and everything is in the one-to-one when I work with people. It then becomes more individualised. If you do the book, you are on your own, if you do the course, you are in a group of people, and if you do the one-to-one it’s specifically about yourself. The more you do going down that route, the more specific and individual it becomes for you.

GB:    And the Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition and Supplementation. Which one is the most important?

DG:    In my opinion, the one that is most lacking in your life.

GB:    Ah, very good, I didn’t expect that answer at all.

DG:    The reason I say that is because you may come to me and your lifestyle may be fantastic, your exercise is good and your nutrition might be great. But, you are not supplementing at all. So, the most important one for you is supplementation.

The we get Mr. Smith come in and his lifestyle great, but he doesn’t exercise and his nutrition is not so great, but he’s supplementing like a lunatic. So obviously for him it’s exercise and nutrition.

So it’s really specific for each person.    

It’s all determined when you are going through the process. It’s very interesting what I’ve learnt. I set it up as a system because we are all human, we function in very similar ways, and the system is set up in a way that anyone could take on and apply, but what we find is that people apply specifically following what they are given, so the directions of the course. They will realise that I am already doing that well. They will pick up one point, say I am doing that already, and continue with that one point in that way. Then they will learn something else and think I’m not doing that at all.

So, that’s where the transformation comes. Although it’s a system that is the same for everyone, once they have set out on their journey, it’s what each person finds. How it becomes individual is that each person can pick up and focus on different areas of the course according to them.

GB:    Thanks. That is the perfect answer really. I didn’t expect you to say that. So, from the exercise section. Your number one exercise, you are only allowed to choose one exercise. I mean a physical exercise, not a mental exercise or anything like that, just a pure gym exercise?

DG:    Squat. Deep squats. If I were to tell anyone to do any one exercise, that would be my number one, because you hit so many muscles in the body. It’s a core exercise, leg exercise, you’re hitting the big muscles in the leg, quads, gluts, which are big muscles, burn calories. They look good when they are toned.

GB:    Great answer again. Thanks very much Dan. I feel sure our listeners will get some great value from this alone, and obviously since we actually qualified together a few years ago, I can personally vouch for your skills.

DG:    Thank you.

GB:    One more question I like to ask everyone. Obviously, we are from GymBuzz and we are passionate about the fitness industry and we want me to make great changes to the fitness industry over the next few years.

What do you hope for in the fitness industry as a whole over the next one to two years?

DG:    Good question. I know how the fitness industry is perceived by the general public, and there are so many options, on how to eat, how to train and how to get healthy. Simply, it’s confusing to the general public. Anyone who has not decided to become an expert in this and they live a different life. It’s all so obvious that not all systems work, some are good and some not.

And, that is really the main reason why I created Shape Trainer, Seven Week Body Transformation. Through my 13 years experience in the fitness industry, so I could see what people wanted, particularly with my client base and the guys who train at my gym. I also know that we all want results – fast. Particularly my client base, the high flying gym entrepreneurs, they want results fast, they want them yesterday. And, that’s the way of their lives.

So, I have created this system to be delivered to those people, and I feel that I’ve accomplished that so far. I personally think that the fitness industry will continue to grow at a rapid rate. However, at the same time obesity will also be on the rise. You have to ask yourselves, why is that the case?

And secondly, is there anything you personally can do about it? If everyone in the world were to begin our seven week body transformation product today, I totally believe that obesity would be eradicated within a year.

Let me explain. Fat gain is driven by insulin, and insulin is a hormone that manages your blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone which can manually controlle through diet and lifestyle choice. My team and I can teach people how to manage their blood sugar levels effectively, therefore controlling your insulin levels, ultimately giving you power over your body fat.

When this happens thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are also altered in a positive uplifting way.

So in answer to your question, I believe we all have a choice. Consciously taking control of your body and direction of your life or choosing to live unconsciously, and likely getting fat and depressed . It really is up to each individual. At the moment it appears to be a similar pattern as wealth. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. In health, the fit are getting fitter and the fat are getting fatter. The fat part, in my opinion, needs to be flipped on it’s head and my book and the training programme offer that.

Lastly, when you transition from getting fatter to getting fitter, you also transition your wealth dynamic. Everyone who has completed our programme has reported greater productivity and output at work and all over their lives. So, if you are doing well financially, it propels you into doing even better. If your finances are a mess it’s effect also transforms the money situation improving it for the better. So, if you want a pay rise, go to ShapeTrainer.co.uk, and join our seven week body transformation revolution.

GB:    That sounds good. You’re now going to get about a thousand sign-ups in one day now after that.

DG:    Well, it’s all true.

GB:    I believe everything you say to be true aswell, and obviously as I said earlier, our mission is to change the fitness industry for the better. It’s a sad state when you hear that only 10 - 15% of people are exercising on any given day.

DG:    What we get quite a lot through the programme so far, is people are stopped by themselves, so they feel – I can’t do all this training, I can’t do all this.

What I coach a lot, and I tend to repeat this sentence so many times to people, is just to do your max. If your max is one push up then that’s your max right now. All that’s asked of you when going through our programme is you just find your challenge point and challenge it. Each individual has their own challenge point, their own strength and their own endurance. Find what yours is and go from there.

GB:    That is a great message to finish on. So, Dan. Tell everyone how they can find out more about the book or even working with you as a client aswell.

DG:    Well, there’s my website which is the easiest way to read some more information at present and to get in contact with me or my team. We are just having the website rebuilt as we talk. The current website is up and running at www.shapetrainer.co.uk, and there is the current book site where you can purchase the book as an e-book, so you can have it in your hands within the next 5 minutes and be reading it. And, that is www.shape-book.co.uk.

As I say, we are having the main web site shapetrainer.co.uk rebuilt and that is going to explain the in’s and out’s of the course and all the options that you have available to get on board. We realise that different people have different price points on-line, and so we have positioned a number of entry points for as many people as possible, because I would like to help as many people as possible.

So, if you just keep an eye on the current site, that will keep you informed and you can join our mailing list as well through that. You can join me on twitter @theshapetrainer, LinkedIn as well. All the information is on the site.

GB:    That’s fantastic. Thank you very much for your time today Dan, we are totally on board with you and your mission and transforming bodies is partly what we are all about aswell. Keep up the good work.

DG:    Thanks Brett.

GB:    You’re welcome.